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PupFrendz™ Pup Jet

PupFrendz™ Pup Jet

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Stop Chasing Your Tail With Messy, Time-Consuming Pup Baths!

Fetch a faster, deeper clean every time. Just attach, lather and rinse. The gentle pressure is loved by dogs of all sizes and helps remove stubborn dirt hidden beneath the fur without the mess of traditional bath time.




The Pupjet has been a game changer for the muddy seasons. It literally takes us 5 MINUTES to give your dog a super deep cleaning! Never go back to scrubbing by hand again!


Easy As One, Two, Three!

How to use the PupJet:

1. Connect

Works with any garden hose or shower head.


2. Lather

Toggle top switch to soap dispensing mode.

3. Rinse

Toggle switch back for a fast, effective rinse.

Product Features

8 Spray Modes

Shower, Cone, Stream, Mist, Rinse, Flat, Center, Jet

Easy Connect Nozzle

Set up to hose or shower in seconds. Shower adapter available at checkout for easy connection.

Quick Soap Switch

Easily toggle between soap and water mode with a single twist.

Ideal Water Pressure

Washes out stubborn dirt while providing a gentle, doggy-spa experience.

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